IS CleanMyMac X Safe? Read Before You Buy 2022

Is CleanMyMac X Safe? Read before you buy

I’m sure you are somebody who is having a hard time with your pc and asking is CleanMyMac x safe, that’s the reason that bought you here to my article.

Is your pc running slow? Then my guide will help you through it and make it faster.

Let me tell you I decided to investigate the rumors on my own to see if they were genuine. I prefer hard facts to rumors because I dislike propagating them. If I say something isn’t working, it’s because I tried it and it didn’t work. In contrast.

if I say something works, it’s because I’ve tried it and it works. It’s never a false assumption towards anything it is the experience either good or bad that speaks louder that helps me to improve and enables me to put what’s useful and what’s not in front of you.

So, let’s do some digging and see what we can come up with.

Everyone ask is CleanMyMac X safe? CleanMyMac is generally safe to download and install from the App Store because Apple does not host malicious software. Some CleanMyMac functions, however, may not be suitable for beginning users.

When the software, for example, deletes specific files, it may cause your Mac to become unstable.

But the point is, I despise it when individuals express their ideas without providing evidence. When it comes to the software, testing is the only evidence I’ve seen. After all, I am a software engineer who knows how to test.


when I installed As a result, here’s what I didn’t I installed CleanMyMac X on multiple Macs at home (both trial and paid versions) I called the MacPaw support team with silly questions to simulate real user behavior

use of  every single function in CleanMyMac X to see if anything broke

I did it for two weeks to make sure I didn’t miss anything And now I’m ready to write a completely unbiased review of CleanMyMac X.

This essay is not about whether you should buy CleanMyMac or not. It’s not a review post on CleanMyMac.

The goal of this post is to answer the question posed in the headline.


Let’s talk about MacPaw CleanMyMac X is a MacPaw product, which has offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Santa Barbara, California. Oleksandr Kosovan, a Ukrainian developer, started it in 2008.

Since then, MacPaw has introduced several new apps, the most notable of which is Setapp, a subscription-based service. By the way, according to FastCompany, Setapp has been voted the World’s Most Innovative Company in Europe for 2019. Forbes, 9to5mac, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat all profiled the startup.

So, yes let’s say it is an authentic company because MacPaw is a legitimate business that has been recognized by several prominent organizations.

It always works in favor of consumers and helps them through it. By the way, the funniest accusation I’ve seen on forums is that MacPaw is a Russian government agent.

Making sure it isn’t turning into a political I don’t want to go too political, but let me remind you that Ukraine is embroiled in a fight with Russia, and it’s difficult to envision Russians influencing a corporation in Ukraine’s capital.

Furthermore, the company’s founder reportedly put his life on the line in 2014 by supporting civic protests against the corrupt administration. So, no, I don’t think MacPaw is connected to the government.


A lot of people still believe and it has always been a wide held belief that Apple computers are virus-free, but more experienced users realize this is not the case. Viruses and other malware can infect Macs.

You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever had to deal with obnoxious pop-ups after installing a new app or extension in Chrome.

Whenever I download software from the internet, I make sure to take the following precautions to ensure that I am not infected with the malware:

  • To VirusTotal, upload an installer package, generally a DMG file. VirusTotal is a free internet utility that uses over 70 antivirus scanners to look for viruses.
  • Norton 360 Standard or Deluxe should be used. It is presently the finest anti-malware software for Macs.

CleanMyMac is not malware, adware, or spyware of any kind, according to VirusTotal and Norton.


Do you consider yourself a smart user? If yes then I’m sure you know that installing software from the Mac App Store is the best option.

Remember whenever a developer uploads an app to the Mac App Store, Apple tests and validates it to ensure that it is free of malware. As a result, by submitting their app to the App Store, developers receive Apple’s seal of approval.

And each user is fully aware that any software obtained from the App Store is safe to use, that it is not a fraud or spyware and that it is safe to download.

But how can Apple ensure that all of the apps in its store are secure? By restricting access to several aspects of the macOS operating system. It is called sandbox.

Just like that when each app is installed in a secure location where it cannot interfere with the system or other programs on the computer.

For software like CleanMyMac, this is a problem. CleanMyMac X cannot run in a sandbox since it requires access to the core to function. If you’re still not convinced, look through the Mac App Store for any antivirus software.

Antimalware solutions from McAfee, Bitdefender, and Norton must be downloaded from their respective websites. It’s because a sandbox can’t run any application that needs access to the system files.

Developers give two make reasons to encourage downloading from their sites:

  • Apple takes a 30% share of any transaction made through its store, so developers must either raise their pricing by 30% or bear the expense of hosting.
  • By avoiding the App Store, developers can have more creative licensing options. For example, they may provide a trial version that you can access after purchasing a license.

In conclusion, I am not shocked that CleanMyMac is not accessible for download from the App Store because this is standard practice for system-level tools. MacPaw’s products, on the other hand, do not completely avoid Apple’s tests. Apple notarized the CleanMyMac X.

Unlike applying to the App Store, where it is subjected to a thorough evaluation (and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors), notarization is a one-time process.

Developers can use the Apple notary service to build and assemble the final version of the product. It will generate a ticket if no harmful code is found in the application. When the software is installed on a Mac, this ticket is confirmed.

When a user downloads and attempts to install an Apple-notarized app, she will receive a warning notice. The main message is the same as with any other internet-based app: consider any random app that can be downloaded from the App Store.

The distinction is found in the fine text behind the main message: “It was tested for virus software by Apple, but none was found.” As you can see, Apple acknowledged that Is cleanmymac x safe was tested for malicious software but that none was discovered.

Basically, the primary task of CleanMyMac is to scans your computer for and control dangerous applications.


that this image was taken on a Mac running macOS Mojave.CLEANMYMAC X SAFE


What about a large number of unfavorable online reviews?

Why is it that whenever someone asks whether they should use CleanMyMac or not, there is always a twenty-year Mac expert who claims that your Mac will melt as soon as you install the program?

Alternatively, there’s always an “Apple tech” who advises you to restore your Time Machine backup from before you installed the program.


I haven’t yet reviewed Mac Keeper, so I can’t say whether it’s a decent program or not. I’ll post a link to my review once I’ve installed and used it.

All I know about the firm that offers Mac Keeper is that it was the subject of a class-action lawsuit alleging that it tricked customers into paying for unnecessary fixes.

Mac Defender, another well-known program, is a kind of malware. It steals your credit card information for fraud purposes, and Apple even tells you how to get rid of it.

Mac Guard, Mac Defender, Mac Protector, and Mac Security are some of the alternative names for the malware. Users were wary of any cleaning tools, including CleanMyMac, after encountering problems with this software.


I discovered numerous occasions where user-provided screenshots of damage caused by prior versions of CleanMyMac were uncovered when reading user evaluations. As a software developer, I am well aware that all applications include defects.

For example, Windows XP is my all-time favorite Windows version. When it was first published, it was a complete disaster, with most users unable to use most apps for months after the upgrade.

And this is Microsoft’s major product, worth a billion dollars. MacPaw appears to have learned from their mistakes, as the Safety Database — a list of files that should not be removed – now exists. Any software gets stable after 12 years on the market.

If you’re wondering if CleanMyMac has the potential to delete the wrong file, my answer is that ANY cleaning software has the potential to do so.

However, I feel the chances of this happening are much higher for software with a 12-year history than for a new application with no such history.


This is something I agree with. In fact, I made a blog entry about how to clear your Mac’s hard drive without using any software. There are two caveats, as always.

First and foremost, I am a highly technical individual. Because I’ve been designing commercial software for almost twenty years, I know how it works. I know which files I may safely delete and which ones I shouldn’t.

I’m familiar with a variety of system tools and am well-versed in Macs. I wouldn’t be running this blog if it wasn’t for you.

Doing everything I do might not be easy for someone who isn’t as technical as I am. Having an app that does the same thing but doesn’t require in-depth knowledge is therefore worth paying for.

Second, the manual cleaning procedure is time-consuming.

Let me use the following example to demonstrate how much labor it is. I have charcoal and a gas barbecue. In the last two years, I’ve used the gas grill 90% of the time.

While the result of a charcoal grill is greater, it takes a long time and effort to light the coals and even longer to clean them. On rare occasions, I use the charcoal grill, but I prefer the ease of the gas grill. I hope you get what I’m saying.

Now that I’ve compiled all of the information I’ve uncovered during my investigation, I’m ready to conclude.

Is cleanmymac x safe?

This is a very common question people asked us that Is cleanmymac x safe? Downloading, installing, and using CleanMyMac is completely risk-free. A well-known Ukrainian company made a product naming MacPaw, which also makes other items. Is cleanmymac x safe is neither a virus nor a piece of spyware.

A scan on the code is run through apple and discovered no dangerous elements, it is also said to be apple notarized. When we talk about downloading, installing, and all other tasks CleanMyMac X helps to reduce the chances of any risk and gives the consumers risk-free results.

Furthermore, CleanMyMac is now available in the Apple App Store, despite Apple’s clear policy of not distributing dangerous software. CleanMyMac also maintains the Safety Database.

which is a database of files that can’t be destroyed, reducing the risk of deleting data essential for macOS and other programs.

If you are looking to not have malware you must be keen enough to avoid getting malware, download any app directly from the company sites. To avoid any time of risk factors, you must no download anything from sites such as cnet dot com, MacUpdate dot com, and others.

Always check the DMG files on VirusTotal or with a good antivirus (Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender, etc.)

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